ProXBiotics - Advanced Probiotic Formula

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Do You Struggle With Digestive Discomfort? You are not alone. Whether it’s a recurring discomfort after meals or a long-term illness like IBS, probiotics supplement the beneficial gut bacteria you NEED for effective and comfortable digestion to take place.*

 Digestive Health Affects Overall Health That discomfort is your body telling you something isn’t working as well as it should be. When our bodies cannot absorb the nutrients we need, the most common side effects are fatigue and irritability.Probiotics maximize the absorption of ESSENTIAL vitamins and minerals that make us happy, energetic, and vibrant.*

 Studies Have Shown That Probiotics Can Lower Cholesterol, help the liver in decrease reabsorption in the gut, reduce diarrhea, and assist in detoxification - resulting in fewer peptic ulcers and even reducing chronic bad breath. Probiotics have been shown to kill the bacteria that causes tooth decay, reduce the effects of gingivitis and lower the risk of eczema! When mothers take probiotics during pregnancy and continue to do so while breastfeeding it alleviates bloating, constipation and gas.*

This Is An All-Natural, Harmless Addition to your diet. That’s why we proudly recommend our product to men, women, and children of all ages. Whether you want to relieve your own digestive comfort or maximize your children’s health, researchers agree that this is a HARMLESS addition to any diet.*

Additional Benefit: Fat Loss! While it is unclear as to how probiotics affect weight loss, studies have shown that those who are overweight have different gut bacteria than those who are a healthy weight. Probiotics is a gut regulating supplement, and while it is not intended strictly for weight loss, the benefits are stacking in its favor.

Description: ProXBiotics is an advanced formula of probiotics consisting of 5.75 billion CFU’s to benefit your overall digestion, relieve digestive discomfort, as well as address symptoms of gas, digestive disorders, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, antibiotic-associated diarrhea, and infectious diarrhea. Unlike many other supplements, our capsules do not require refrigeration, making them portable and close-by throughout the day. Our formula is all-natural, a safe probiotic addition for women, children, and men of all ages.*




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